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Look for updates for information on this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society.

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Most of us are working from home these days and our personal computer systems are more important than ever.  Eric Keyser, geophysicist, has documented a method of setting up a personal cloud system for a very modest cost. We all have data to manage. We have put this on our website – check it out here and on the Resources Page!

File and Folder Naming Conventions – Geological

Eric Keyser, geophysicist at Modern Resources, guides us through some of his tried and true file and folder naming conventions for his well data. Eric has more years of experience in the oil and gas industry than he cares to admit and, although these methods may not work for everyone, he certainly brings us some great ideas and discussion points! Managing our data in a cost-effective way has never been more important in our industry. Let’s get the discussion started. We expect to offer this session online in June – please stay tuned for details!

Carrie Youzwishen, MSc. and Eric Nielsen, BA discuss proven techniques to assist job seekers and consultants navigating our industry in these challenging times.

Carrie is a consulting geophysicist and an Empowerment and Career Coach at CY Coaching. Carrie helps professionals, entrepreneurs and caregivers integrate head and heart as they navigate change. She will discuss the mental aspects of managing uncertainty and looking for work.

Eric is an Investment Advisor at Manulife Securities Incorporated. Eric will talk about the options open to consultants as business operators.

Together they will help us focus on our careers and livelihood as well as methods of keeping our mindset positive and moving forward.

This session is intended to benefit individuals who are looking for work (or may sometime be looking for work) – to consult or be a full-time employee. What do you need to know?


This online session is scheduled for Monday, June 22 at noon.

Seismic data processing is often seen as confusing with a lot of technical terms and procedures that are not as readily understood as they could be. Through an online series of brief, explanatory tutorials, Jason Noble (Headwaters Seismic Processing) will  provide an explanation of what the various steps in a processing flow are and what they do to the data. The CGDMS thanks Sigma Exploration for providing their proprietary datasets for the purpose of these sessions!  

Each tutorial is online to respect today’s our current climate…..

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CGDMS Sponsors

The CGDMS has a various volunteer roles available.  We can provide on the job training, leadership experience and opportunities.  Please be a contributor in our community – we are all in this together!  Please contact Denise Freeland at volunteer.cgdms@gmail.com

We have numerous committee and board positions available. Many hands make light work, strong communities, resourceful networks and informed progress.

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ARMA InfoCon 2020 – Details Coming Soon

October 26-28 in Detroit.  Registration is now open!?

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If you volunteer or attend a CGDMS technical talk, that it counts as an APEGA PDH credit?  Please refer to APEGA’s Continuing Professional Development Program     

New CAPL Course (1st of a series of 4)

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