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Executive Message

Thank you to those who came to our AGM. We are so grateful to our members and sponsors for their ongoing support. We were delighted to be back in-person and look forward to more live social events in the future. 

At the AGM, we recognized three individuals for their contributions to our Society. Stephen Kotkas (Sigma) was awarded the Sean Callaghan Award for his outstanding contributions promoting knowledge through presentation excellence. Jason Noble (Headwaters Seismic Processing) was recognized as an Outstanding Volunteer as Educational Presentation Coordinator and APEGA Representative. Paige Mamer (SeisWare) was also recognized as an Outstanding Volunteer for her efforts on Social Media and Newsletter.

The AGM marked the end of a great two years and the beginning of a new one. This includes new members and positions on our board of directors.
Firstly, the CGDMS would like to thank Denise Freeland for her tireless efforts and dedication to the Society. Denise has steered us through difficult times and is always looking for new and creative ways to add value to the CGDMS membership. Thank you, Denise!

We welcome Jennifer Welsh as the incoming Vice President of the CGDMS! Jennifer has volunteered with us in the past and we are delighted to have her on the board for her exceptional background professionally and philanthropically.
Going forward over the next year, we are hoping to build on the successes that we saw under Denise’s guidance. We are aiming to hold 6-8 virtual educational sessions to ensure our broad geographically based membership will still be able to access our talks. There is a possibility we may go back to in-person “Learn at Lunches” downtown, but we will strive to make them accessible/hybrid. We also hope to have two in-person social functions this year: one around the holiday season and the other after Spring Break-Up. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for upcoming events!
As incoming President of the CGDMS, I truly hope that we will use this next year to help reestablish connections that may have loosened over the start of the pandemic. Our community is strongest when together learning and sharing.
Please welcome the 2022-2023 Officers:
  • President: Kristy Manchul
  • Vice-President: Jennifer Welsh
  • Secretary: Joanne Poloway
  • Treasurer: Beverly Bridger
  • APEGA Representative: Jason Noble
  • Past-President: Denise Freeland
Thank you also to Paige Mamer for continuing to serve as Communications Committee Chair and Trish Mulder as our Social Committee Chair.
Let’s make this a GREAT YEAR! If you have any recommendations for topics or speakers, we are always looking for new ideas.
Best regards,

Kristy Manchul
CGDMS President

Latest submissions .....

Committees Build Community

One of the biggest benefits of becoming involved in societies like the CGDMS, CSEG and CSPG is the opportunity to build community. Over the last two years we have experienced what it’s like to be isolated without access to the personal and professional relationships we have grown accustomed to having.

Choosing to volunteer is a great way to reintroduce yourself to industry professionals you haven’t seen for a few years, to network with new potential colleagues and clients. Countless times individuals have highlighted the benefits of getting to know industry professionals, for collaboration, mentorship, employment, and continual learning to mention a few points. I often find these communities provide a refreshing outlook on industry, intelligent insight, and an energy that motivates.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

A great way to start the year is to simply put your hand up and volunteer.  See, where you can get involved. Stand with executives of our societies who are giving their time, energy, and expertise. Give them your vote of confidence with some of your time. We have incredible geoscience communities, and we want them to continue to grow and thrive.  If you don’t have the time to volunteer just now, then sign up for a course, a talk, or a networking event. There are so many ways to be involved.


The Mission of the CGDMS is “To provide online resources, learning events and networking opportunities for Calgary Geoscience Data Managers. To foster the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise”.  Individual’s involvement is foundational to this growth. Join the many passionate volunteers and reach out about getting involved.


Stephen Kotkas

Sigma Exploration


In an effort to make lives a tiny bit easier we are happy to gather multiple educational opportunities, short courses, events, online learning and webinars from the following organizations and most are hyperlinked to registration for ease of use.  If you have an event that may be of interest send a note to info@cgdms.ca 

  • CGDMS ~ Calgary GeoScience Data Managers Society
  • CSEG ~ Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  • CSPG ~ Canadian Society of Petroleum Geoscientists 
  • PPDM ~ Professional Petroleum Data Management Association
  • PUG ~ Petroleum Users Group
  • CSUR ~ Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources 
  • SPE ~ Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • DAMA ~ DA Management Association International – Calgary Chapter
  • GeoWomen ~ GeoWomen.org
  • APEGA ~ Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta
  • ASET ~ Association Of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals Of Alberta
  • ARMA ~ Alberta Records Management Association
  • CWLS ~ Canadian Well Logging Society
  • CAGC ~ Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors 
  • CAPP ~ Calgary Association of Petroleum Producers
  • KEGS ~ Canadian Exploration Geological Society
  • AGS ~ Atlantic Geological Survey
  • GSC ~ Geological Survey of Canada
  • PDAC ~ Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada

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CGDMS is working on generating new benefits for our members and volunteers. We are actively working on developing arrangements with partners to provide benefits for our members.

CGDMS is also looking for volunteers to help out with our current and future initiatives.

  • Staying connected with people who share common interests and work experiences
  • Experience in team projects and team building
  • Networking opportunities with others in the industry and in other industries.
  • Advanced training in Zoom and LinkedIn, and other platforms as the need arises.
  • Becoming proficient with Board operations and etiquette.
  • Opportunities for project and people management to increase your skillset
  • Being on the frontline of new technologies and information regarding our industry and data management, as well as new and emerging industries.
  • Being visible in your skills and expertise to potential employers.
  • Opportunity to be a leader and set direction for our profession in the future. 

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CGDMS Sponsors

New Assessment Tool Helps Determine Who Needs Permit to Practice 

The Professional Governance Act has introduced the requirement for Engineers and Geoscientists BC to regulate firms that engage in the practice of professional engineering or geoscience. Firms will be required to register for a Permit to Practice with Engineers and Geoscientists BC beginning July 2, 2021 and must complete their registration before September 30, 2021.

We understand that Alberta Health Services is urgently looking for multiple people to help input and manage COVID19 data being collected. For those of us who have time on our hands who are looking for a data management role with purpose – this is a great opportunity! This role was found on Indeed. We will post more details as they become available.

I have the pleasure of being a founding member of the Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Network and then Society since the beginning with Sean Callaghan.  That was about 10 years ago, and I have learned so much since then.  I have been able to get experience in every role in the CGDMS.  Volunteering has created opportunities and connections that I had never imagined.


What I do in the Petroleum Industry is valuable and it saves companies time and money.  It is sometimes hard to articulate that value to employers, but I think that if we stand together, we can use the same value proposition to get the message out there.  The time and cost of data specialists is much less expensive to a company that the time and cost of a geoscientist trying to manage the data as well as find oil and gas.


Early in my career I learned about ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Continuous Improvement’ and have tried my best to implement those in my everyday life and to share them with my colleagues.  The other thing I learned is that you cannot create an efficiency by simply moving the work to someone else – you must analyze it and make it better.  Asking a service provider to follow a poor process that makes work for them or a service provider sending a product that makes more work for a tech or data manager is not creating an efficiency or best practice.  The CGDMS was initiated to help start the discussion between all of us to create true efficiencies and continuously improve.  We all depend on the data and we are all looking for ways to save time and money!


Please join me and the CGDMS Team to continuously adapt how we bring value to our members and our industry.  We need input from all our members to move forward and stay current, especially in these challenging times.


Denise Freeland

President CGDMS

The Calgary Geoscience Data Manager Society (CGDMS) started with Sean Callaghan, a former surveyor and person who gathered geoscience technicians and technologists to talk about common problems and issues.  It was Sean’s desire to share with others, that fostered the creation of this society.  Today, CGDMS is a society for geoscience technicians, technologists and data managers, all of whom touch, use and manipulate geoscience data as it evolves from being just data, to information and knowledge used to find and develop oil and gas resources.  Whether it be seismic data, well-log data, thin sections or laboratory measurements of rocks, the data collected is used to enhance information and knowledge and thereby mitigate future drilling risk.  Technicians, technologists, and data managers play a vital role in this process.

The society continues to foster comradery and the sharing of knowledge through its newsletter and educational sessions.  None of this is possible without the dedication and support of the society’s volunteers.  With the Annual General Meeting forthcoming on September 15th, the society needs volunteers.  A list of open positions is noted below.  We encourage you to volunteer and to make a difference.  This society is whatever you make it to be.  The society is here to serve, support and share but we cannot do it without you! 

As a frequent and recurring volunteer for the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), I learned a lot about myself and expanded my skills as I volunteered in numerous roles and capacities.  I grew as a person!  I also accomplished a lot for the society working beside my colleagues. 

The time is now for the members of the CGDMS to step up to the plate and volunteer to make a difference.  Make the society what you want it to be.  Who knows, you may learn something about yourself and grow personally through the experience.


Doug Uffen, P. Geoph (APEGA), P. Geo (APEGBC)

CGDMS Board Member

Look here for information coming soon……

Most of us are working from home these days and our personal computer systems are more important than ever.  Eric Keyser, geophysicist, has documented a method of setting up a personal cloud system for a very modest cost. We all have data to manage. We have put this on our website – check it out here and on the Resources Page!