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Seismic Data Processing Explained ~ Recordings
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Focus Groups

These sessions will be organized in a casual manner to provide interested people the opportunity to meet and discuss a specific topic.  The session is meant to be a discussion among peers to share how other organizations are handling data management issues.  The session is expected to happen over a lunch hour.  Notes from these sessions will be posted on the website and will be used to generate more CGDMS Presents talks.  This session provides a networking opportunity for the participants.


Workshops are intended to provide a more in-depth and targeted learning opportunity.  The presenter will be an industry expert on the topic and the session will be very interactive.  The expected time for the session will be 2-3 hours. There will be a list of ‘take aways’ for each session.  Each participant will rate the session on how well it meets their expectations.  This session provides a networking opportunity for the participants.

We found an amazing link for oil industry training on Linkedin and wanted to share.  Click on the title below to read more …..

Oil Industry Training

Oil Industry Training is an online oil and gas industry training platform specialized in providing free oil and gas industry knowledge and training courses. Our objective is to share oil and gas industry knowledge and provide oil and gas young professionals, fresh graduates and students with free training courses to help them enhance their technical and soft skills and continue to learn about the oil and gas industry. We make oil & gas knowledge accessible, and affordable for all oil & gas professionals and young graduates to help them get the training they need to prepare themselves for the recovery in the oil and gas industry.

Mission: To allow everyone in the oil and gas industry to have access to knowledge and training courses anywhere, anytime, at no cost.

Vision: To become the world’s number 1 oil and gas industry learning platform providing free, reliable and trusted online training courses in oil and gas industry.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding upcoming workshops as they are made available.