Exciting News for CGDMS Members!

As many of you know, the Unicorn Superpub, in downtown Calgary, has been the ‘goto’ venue for CGDMS in-person socials since the very beginning with Sean Callaghan (over 10 years ago)!  Last year the Unicorn became an official sponsor for the CGDMS.

This year we are happy to announce that the Unicorn will continue to be a sponsor and are offering a discount to CGDMS Members and their guests!  As lockdown restrictions ease and we return to the office to work, I am sure we will all want to start getting out and meeting with our friends and business associates.  I know I do!

I had the happy privilege of being in the Unicorn for lunch on St. Patrick’s Day and was extremely impressed with the food, the service and all the safety measures.  The Unicorn’s Wendy Irvine (Operations Manager) has everything organized so that you can be safe and socially distanced while enjoying the camaraderie of the people around you.  The patio will also be open soon!  If anyone has questions they can contact Wendy at wendy@superpub.ca anytime.

The CGDMS looks forward to having our next group social at the Unicorn. 

These are the perks the Unicorn is offering to CGDMS members:

  • 10% discount on all regularly priced food and beverages for the member and their guests.
  • Daily Features (please check the Unicorn website superpub.ca )  There is no further discount on the Daily Features as they have already been discounted more than 10%.
  • Happy Hour price on drinks from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. No further discount will be offered on the Happy Hour drinks, but the discount can apply to food other than Daily Features.
  • As the Unicorn has always done, the CGDMS will be offered group pricing on events that we hold in the Pub.

Each CGDMS Member will be emailed a membership QR code that can be kept on your phone and presented to your server when at the Unicorn.  It is best to present your QR code before the bill is tallied.  Please remember that gratuities should be based on the price before discount.  Let’s all get out and support the Unicorn and thank them for their support all these years!







Jason Noble
Bart Iverson
Ron Larson
Ms. Circé Malo-Lalande
Yogi Schulz
Doug Uffen
Ben McKenzie
John Boswell
Gary Roy
Andrea Crook
Amy Fox
Eric Keyser
Dale Vanhooren
Jonathan Banyard
Dale Vanhooren

Carrie Youzwishen, Msc., Co-Active Coach

Eric Neilsen, CFA – Retirement Specialist