Thank you …..

The CGDMS would like to thank Amy Fox from Enlighten Geoscience Ltd. for her amazing webinar (and encore presentation) on Geomechanical Data!  This unique dataset receives far less attention than more commonly used data types.  Primary sources of important geomechanical information, including image logs and triaxial core tests, etc. that are not easily found within the regulators or the operators’ organizations.  The hope is that by presenting the issues currently at hand, a dialog may be started that could lead to improvements in data submission and accessibility. I highly recommend this session to practitioners, regulators, service companies, operators and those simply curious about geomechanics and geomechanical data.  The recorded version is now on our website.

The CGDMS would like to thank Andrea Crook from Optiseis Solutions Ltd. for an excellent webinar on Acquisition Data Challenges!  The session was informative and thought provoking.  Imagery, LiDAR, surface shapefiles, seismic, geologic, and well data need to be easily accessible and in compatible formats so more accurate seismic design plans can be created. Drill logs documenting near surface composition, utility locates, and exclusion shapefiles can provide value not only for future seismic surveys (in particular, 4D repeats), but may also be used for non-seismic operations (well pad planning, identifying gravel deposits, etc.).  By tracking and managing these datasets, there may be an opportunity to provide some cost and/or time saving procedures for your organization.  I thoroughly recommend this session.  The recorded version should be on our website in a couple of days

The CGDMS would like to thank Yogi Schulz from Corvelle Consulting for an excellent webinar on Powerful Visualizations!  Yogi shared some excellent tips on using the power of visualization to communicate your ideas effectively. The presentation is recommended for everyone looking to improve their communication skills.  The power-point version is on our website now and we hope to have the recorded version posted soon