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What can you do with seismic in Divestitures, and can you even call it ‘your’ seismic?  ~ Stephen Kotkas

What is Orphan Data in a Geophysical Context??  ~  Stephen Kotkas

Clarifying Dataroom Confusion ~ J. Douglas Uffen 

The Great Seismic Round-up: The Canadian Forest Oil Story ~ Doug Uffen, Lisa Michetti, Linda Dickson, Judith Churchill, Jan Hay, Lyle Geck and Arnold Janzen

Are You Managing Your IT Solutions or Is IT Still Managing You? ~ J. Douglas Uffen

13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders ~ Glenn Leibowitz

Reimagine Data Governance – The framework you need to transform you business ~ Informatica

Python Programming for Everyone -Learn to write programs more effectively in no time.  ~ Jubran Akram

Gravity and Magnetic Geophysical Methods in Oil Exploration ~ Henry Lyatsky

Beyond Buy-In:  Proving Business Value in Data Management. ~ Ron Clymer

The challenges of finding the field collection metadata ~ Brad Ashley

You Can Absolutely Tackle the Big Things You’ve Been Avoiding. ~ Leo Babauta

Laid Off? Now What? Career Building Tips. ~ The Bowen Group

10 things I hate about subsurface data management. ~ Jane McConnell

5 Job Search Situations Where Networking Is Not The Best Next Step. ~ Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Spring Cleaning ~ Stephen Kotkas

Stephen Kotkas from Sigma Exploration shares why now is the time to pursue some spring data cleaning and suggested areas that usually need some attention!

Valuable and insightful input from Members here ….

Valuable and insightful input from Members here …..

Valuable and insightful input from Members here …..