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What can you do with seismic in Divestitures, and can you even call it ‘your’ seismic?  ~ Stephen Kotkas

What is Orphan Data in a Geophysical Context??  ~  Stephen Kotkas

Clarifying Dataroom Confusion ~ J. Douglas Uffen 

The Great Seismic Round-up: The Canadian Forest Oil Story ~ Doug Uffen, Lisa Michetti, Linda Dickson, Judith Churchill, Jan Hay, Lyle Geck and Arnold Janzen

Are You Managing Your IT Solutions or Is IT Still Managing You? ~ J. Douglas Uffen

13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders ~ Glenn Leibowitz

Reimagine Data Governance – The framework you need to transform you business ~ Informatica

Python Programming for Everyone -Learn to write programs more effectively in no time.  ~ Jubran Akram

Gravity and Magnetic Geophysical Methods in Oil Exploration ~ Henry Lyatsky

Beyond Buy-In:  Proving Business Value in Data Management. ~ Ron Clymer

The challenges of finding the field collection metadata ~ Brad Ashley

You Can Absolutely Tackle the Big Things You’ve Been Avoiding. ~ Leo Babauta

Laid Off? Now What? Career Building Tips. ~ The Bowen Group

10 things I hate about subsurface data management. ~ Jane McConnell

5 Job Search Situations Where Networking Is Not The Best Next Step. ~ Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Spring Cleaning ~ Stephen Kotkas

Stephen Kotkas from Sigma Exploration shares why now is the time to pursue some spring data cleaning and suggested areas that usually need some attention!

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